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Friend, today I wanna discuss about the basic of our life?

Did you understand what our life for?

or you just let it flow, without you know where we will to go?

Hey! Wake up!

There are so may things we have to do!

Realize that our life is to give something and do something for people in the world!

Ok, in this note, I wanna share you about the 9 basic things we have had…

You know, basic it’s very important thing. Without it, can’t the build stand up strongly.

The basic step is:

1. Vision

2. Dream

3 Goal

who know the differences between it all?


Who know the meaning of VISION?



VISION is something BIG NEW that we can see and feel truely, eventhough it’s not a reality yet..

something fascinate..



not just imagine..

but it’s like a fact!


The clear picture we can see..

Even it still in our brain..

in our soul..

Vision give streght for our dream..

Dream.. What we want to be happened!

If we have a puzzle..

Dream it’s a part of it..

Check list..

What we want to do..

to have..

to be real..

it’s a small part of our vision..

I wanna ask you..

Did you have a VISION?


if it’s not yet.

Try this at home..! 🙂

Spend the time..

when you can relax..


listen the intrumental music..

go out..

find the fresh air..

feel the wind..

close your eyes..

imagine what really you want..

imagine that till you can see the clear picture..

feel it like real thing..

hold on..

feel it depthly..

for accelerate your DREAM .. have a strong reason.. why i must get it? if it’s not important i’m sure that you’ll never get it..

play your emotion.. how big you need it? how important that for your life..

if it’s something urgent, i believe that you’ll fight to reach it.. build burning desire..

As i talk before.. try to feel it like a real thing..

if u wanna to get the car.. come to showroom..let’s test drive,, dont’t be shy,, cause they don’t know if you haven’t money.. 🙂

and then,, get sharing with other people who can support you. they will build your spirit.. and remind u when u’ve forgot..

Oke.. are you with me?

Hmm.. There are still one again..

How to get your Goal..?

I’ve some tips for you.. Special for you, friend… 🙂

1. Goal must be realistic

2. Separate it to 3 part.. Short term, middle term, and long term.,,

3. Get timing..

4. Give the big punishment if you don’t get yet..

5. After you have one, get another one..

6. Write it clearly..

7. Keep on passion..

8. Build relation with other to get it together..

9. Publish your goal to all people.. to give you more spirit..


Oke.. Are you with me?

I hope it so usefull for you..

If you wanna discussing more..

Please call me.

By my FB account may be.. 🙂

see you later…


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