Do The Best, and Let Allah Take The Rest…

· Tulisanku

And, finally.. One by one of the test I’ve passed..

Last night, I sent message to all friend for give a pray, give a new spirit, or just a motivation for me,, to fighting a speech..

And I get a interesting message, it said: “Do the best, Sist.. And let Allah take the rest..”

Hmm.. It can be calming my heart..

May be in that time I quiet nervous.. Or sometime fell not good..

But, when I get that message all be better..

Hmm.. It’s true..

As a human, we just give the best effort for our aim.. our goals.. and let Allah give us the best..

I’ve remember what my Turkish teacher said: “Allah knows everything.. and we don’t know all of the things..  And we must believe that everything which Allah give to us the best thing. Allah is never let us in the worse.. So, believe that, and receive that full heart. ”

Hmm.. That’s true!

And now I’ll give all to Allah.. Let Him send me a decision.. And I believe that’s a best for me..

#Goes to National Most Outstanding Student 2012

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